'Raxploitation' Films

Big Boob Vixens & Titanic Tittied Mamas!
Since the beginning of film there has been a group of dedicated filmmakers have had one thing in common...obsession with the female breast.  So do we!  We call 'em "raxploitation" flicks.  DotFlicks is dedicated to finding these films and bringing them to you.

We scour the globe in search of the best B-movie BIG BOOB exploitation flicks and bring them directly to you.  DotFlicks has your boobaliscious fantasies covered!  It's the BEST in BIG BOOB entertainment.

We're starting our catalog off on the right foot with a pair of BIG movies from the BIGGEST busty star of the the free-wheelin' 70s, Chesty Morgan.  Check 'em out now and see this unbelievable vixen thwart her enemies with giant tits that are classified as "deadly weapons"!  NOW ON DVD!

Feature Titles:

Before there was Chelsea...there was Chesty!
Both Titles Now Available on DVD!!

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